Audiobooks are a goldmine - one of the best learning tools available.

Audiobooks, purchasing, listening

Two great sources for audiobooks are Christian Audio and Audible.

  • FREE audiobook every month.
  • Targeted sales during the year.
  • Everything sale at end of year.
  • Prices drop to $4.98 USD per book during sales.
  • Format is NON-proprietary (incl. M4B for audiobooks) so audiobook can be downloaded and played on various devices.
  • Christian Audio app for Apple devices was horrible. BookPlayer is free alternative, open source, and wonderful to use (and supports M4B).
  • Prices around $10 USD per audiobook.
  • Huge selection, some on Christian Audio.
  • Many are synced with Kindle books so you can switch between listening and reading while remaining synced.
  • Format is proprietary, so can only be played in Audible apps (great on Apple devices; not so good on PCs).
  • Various plans are available. Some provide access to many great additional books across many genres.

A small sample of audiobooks on Christian Audio.

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