Thank you, New Atheists

The New Atheists threw down the gauntlet.

Christian writers and scholars replied* with a global flood of books.

*In fact, some of the best Apologetics books have come from non-believers.

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Books by our own Rob Yule 

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Books by international authors

TitleAuthorInfoStockPrice (NZD)
Mama Bear ApologeticsHillary Morgan FerrerLink1$123.45
Mama Bear Apologetics (Study Guide)Hillary Morgan FerrerLink1$
Talking With Your Kids About GodNatasha CrainLink1$
Talking With Your Kids About JesusNatasha Crain
The Unshakable TruthJosh & Sean McDowellLink3$
Love Thy BodyNancy PearceyLink1$
The Secret Battle Of IdeasJeff MyersLink1$
A Practical Guide To CultureJohn Stonestreet & Brett Kunkle
A Student's Guide To CultureJohn Stonestreet & Brett KunkleLink1$
Why Does God Allow Evil?Clay Jones
So The Next generation Will knowSean McDowell & J. Warner WallaceLink1$
Another GospelAlisa ChildersLink1$
Stealing From GodNancy PearceyLink1$
God's Crime SceneJ. Warner Wallace
Cold Case ChristianityJ. Warner Wallace
Forensic FaithJ. Warner WallaceLink1$
The Questions Christians Hope No one Will AskMark Mittleberg
Thank God For AtheistsTimothy Morgan
Case For Faith For KidsLee StrobelLink2$
Case For a Creator for Kids
Lee StrobelLink2$
Case For Grace For Kids
Lee StrobelLink2$
Case For Christ For Kids
Lee StrobelLink2$
Confronting Injustice Without Compromising Truth Link1$
Answering JihadLink1$
Cultural ApologeticsLink1$
Gay Girl, Good GodLink1$
Jesus The Game Changer (DVD)Link1$

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