January 8th 2022 - Tom Holland destroys the self-evident nature of belief in human rights. The full video is on YouTube Unbelievable? channel.

    December 28th 2021 - More new books.

    December 27th 2021 - Great lecture.

    December 26rd 2021 - New 808 page book by Doug Groothuis (IVP) coming in February 2022.

    December 23rd 2021 - Clarke Scheibe from Canada L'Abri has done an excellent 3-part lecture series looking at Jordan Peterson's "12 Rules" book. Highly recommended. The podcast can be a little difficult to find, so persevere. Note that there are lots of other lectures available from L'Abri groups around the world.

    December 23rd 2021 - Made in China -- for Christmas -- dinosaur fossils !!! This one is a beauty. Check the pics.

    Cell Journal: An exquisitely preserved in-ovo theropod dinosaur embryo sheds light on avian-like prehatching postures

    The head lies ventral to the body, with the feet on either side, and the back curled along the blunt pole of the egg, in a posture previously unrecognized in a non-avian dinosaur, but reminiscent of a late-stage modern bird embryo.

    December 23rd 2021 - Did you know that Thinking Matters New Zealand Foundation now has a podcast?

    December 19th 2021 - A recent discussion that has generated a lot of interest was the William Lane Craig / James White discussion on Unbelievable! titled: "Calvinism vs Molinism on the problem of evil". WLC has written a book on this topic titled: "The Only Wise God: The Compatibility of Divine Foreknowledge and Human Freedom".

    December 6th 2021 - A friend recommended this book for teaching apologetics to small groups of young people. It is by Mary Jo Sharp and titled: "Why do you believe that?"

    November 19th 2021 - William (Bill) Dembski is one of today's best Christian writers and thinkers. He recently presented a talk titled: "Making Apologetics an Effective Instrument for Cultural Engagement" at the #EPSAPOLOGETICS conference (program PDF here). The video is below. Quoting...

    My disappointment with apologetics has nothing to do with questioning its use of reason and evidence to support faith. My disappointment, rather, is that we’ve failed to embed apologetics within a broader cultural engagement for advancing the Christian faith. Christian apologetics has, in my view, mainly been in the business of playing defense when it needs to be playing offense. Yes, I get it that the very word “apologetics” comes from the Greek, where it denotes a reasoned defense before a court of law. But I’ve never been a fan of holding words hostage to their etymology. Christian apologetics needs to do better, and I want in this talk to explore how it can do better.

    And later on...

    Christian apologetics has done very well with logos. As I noted earlier, in area after area, Christian apologists have advanced the stronger argument. But Christian apologists have been notoriously unsuccessful at advancing their ethos (emphasis added). A partial exception is Christian philosophers, who through the efforts of George Mavrodes, William Alston, Alvin Plantinga, Nicholas Wolterstorff, John Hare, Richard Swinburne, Peter van Inwagen, William Lane Craig, and others have come to command the respect, often grudging, of the philosophical world.

    November 18th 2021 - Our fellow traveler Andrew Lim has written a talk critiquing Bertrand Russell that he has called: "Why You Were Not a Christian". Back in the day, Russell wrote, "Why I am not a Christian". Wow, how times (and especially science) have changed since Russell's time.

    November 16th 2021 - Added a "Websites" page to this website that links to other websites. Complicated!  We have added the first high quality apologetics link.

    November 15th 2021 - Everything is a bit slow at the mo. Christmas is coming. Churches are limited to 100 people. Covid is starting to spread down the country, with most cases being in Auckland. In the meantime, a link to a video series by Professor Alister McGrath has been added to the website.

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