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Consciousness, Philosophy of Mind/Soul, Dualism, Neuroscience

Keywords: mind, brain, physicalism, philosophy, psychology, neuroscience, information theory, computer science, property dualism, emergent subject dualism, emergent substance dualism, cartesian dualism, thomistic dualism

Evolution, Creation and Intelligent Design

Keywords: evolution, creation, intelligent design, ID, tree of life


Keywords: philosophy


Since its inception the Bible has been sliced and diced and deconstructed and reconstructed by its critics. This tradition has continued unabated in recent years, with the torch being handed on to scholars like Bart Ehrman as well as myriads of village-atheist social media skeptics. (See some recent academic responses here: Lydia McGrew, Mike Licona).
In contrast to the Bible, the Qur'an has had an easy row to hoe. A reluctance to freely and openly critique and criticise the Qur'an for fear of fatwa or death threats (or worse) has provided Muslims with freedom to spread their message without having to prove their case. This has protected the Qur'an for a while, but the times are changing.
The times are a changing indeed. Even in the face of threats of violence, the Qur'an and Muhammad have been ridiculed using comedic cartoons, resulting in worldwide rioting and protests.  But far more importantly, with the advent of YouTube, serious critiques of the Qur'an by Christian scholars and ex-Muslims have started making strong inroads into global Islam. It is difficult to ascertain numbers, however the grapevine says they are very significant.
Keywords: islam, muslim, koran, qur'an, quran, mecca, petra, nabateans, patricia crone, daniel brubaker, jay smith, al fadi, muhammad, pfander, cira international, acts17
  • There is a lot of work going on in this space, but a LOT more serious scholarship is needed (in case you are considering a doctorate).

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